Creating Success for Women in Male Dominated Industries


Over the years, women have started to take over male-dominated industries, making them a little more even when it comes to employee diversity. Even with the constant strides, women continue to face many challenges within the workplace and need to understand there are ways to create success and excel within these male-dominated industries such as technology, law, and politics.

Studies have shown that it’s essential to create more opportunities for women in the workplace because they increase problem-solving skills and profitability, are more innovative and expand both mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. Women can bring a higher level of success within a company, and there are certain ways to create that success within a male-dominated business.

When trying to make a good impression at work, you may have the mentality of volunteering for a large number of projects. This can have a negative impact on both yourself and the company you work for. It’s best to volunteer when you have the time, and on projects, you want the opportunity to work on. Men within your office most likely do not offer up their services at every opportunity and will say “no.” If you are someone who always says “yes” and finds yourself in the weeds because of it, look over each opportunity to see how it fits in with your schedule and aspirations before volunteering.

Women are great leaders but often fall victim to the stereotypes and biases society has placed on them. To create your success, it’s important not to let these get in the way of your leadership skills and be confident in your passion and drive. Finding other women within male-dominated industries creates a circle of women who are there to lift you up and support one another.

Playing to your particular strengths whether they are female personality strengths or different skill sets lets you show off your leadership skills.  Some of these skills would include listening, empathy, and being able to socialize well. Success often comes with not being afraid to fail and pushing forward by using failure as a learning experience. If you feel you’ve earned a promotion or a raise, don’t be scared to ask your boss and let them know you are interested in new opportunities.

Women who work in heavily male-dominated industries have many opportunities to prove themselves and become very successful. When you use your skills and stay confident, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Originally published at on January 20, 2019. 


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