The Three Arts Club Building

Chicago’s Three Arts Club building, once a clubhouse for young women pursuing an education in the arts, is no longer a sitting shell of its former glory. About three years ago, RH (then known as Restoration Hardware) saw the potential this Chicago landmark possessed, successfully resuscitating the Three Arts Club building on the forefront of the Gold Coast scene.

With chairman and CEO Gary Friedman at the helms, the Three Arts Club building was transformed from an empty historic building into the RH Chicago flagship store and gallery. Restoring and repurposing historic buildings has become a passion for Friedman over the years, so maintaining its charm and history was a key part of the restoration process. Rather than create something entirely new, RH’s goal was to breathe new life into the building, as they had done with other new RH locations, such as the former main post office in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the former Museum of Natural History in Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition to the new retail segments like the RH Modern Collection, RH Teen, RH Baby & Child, and the Ben Soleimani Rug Showroom, the RH Chicago Gallery at the Historic Three Arts Club also offers spaces for art exhibitions. By integrating both hospitality and showmanship together, RH Chicago offers a unique gathering place and breathtaking experience.

As you walk into the building you can’t miss the breathtaking Grand Courtyard, which seats the 3 Arts Club Cafe, a culinary collaboration between Gary Friedman and Chicago Foodies’ beloved Brendan Sodikoff. Guests can enjoy the delicious seasonal menu in a bright, indoor oasis of Heritage olive trees, plush RH sofas, and candle lanterns, all smartly placed around the beautifully restored historic fountain. As you explore the showrooms along the perimeter of the courtyard, you will also find the 3 Arts Club Pantry & Espresso Bar, as well as the 3 Arts Club Wine Vault, which offer a house coffee blend and premium wines, respectively, among elegantly curated furniture and finishes.

Make sure to check out the roof level of the RH Gallery, as well, which showcases stunning views of the city. Whether you are exploring the space, catching up over a cup of coffee, enjoying a glass of wine, waiting for a table at the 3 Arts Club Cafe, or all of the above, the rooftop park and conservatory is a functional vignette of RH outdoor furnishings, surrounded by elegantly organized banana palms and shrubbery.

The building restoration has already proven to be a charming addition to the Gold Coast neighborhood, brilliantly reintroducing the Three Arts Club building in a way that connects the past to the present. Whether you’re in the market for new statement pieces for your home, in search of an inspirational activity to pass the time, or craving a deliciously-crafted doughnut from the Doughnut Vault, the RH Chicago Gallery at the Historic Three Arts Club has become a prime destination for both residents and visitors of Chicago, alike.

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